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With most Chambers only using about 20% of SAGE’s software capabilities, we can help you to harness the power of SAGE to empower your finance function, saving you time, money and help you to get the most from this versatile package.


What can SAGE do for my Chambers?


More and more Chambers want and need quicker and more cost-effective reporting systems. This can include online bank payments, emailed statements of account and invoices to their tenants. Carrying out these functions electronically is far more cost-effective, saving you money on bank charges, postage and of course, your clerks’ time.


Streamlining all your finance functions allows you to take greater control of your finances. For example, quarterly income and expenditure reports can be generated quickly and easily. To allow you to evaluate what SAGE can do for you, we’ve put together a small sample of some of the documents and reports that can be produced. You can download them by using the quick access box on the right.


An affordable installation and training package


As authorised SAGE Resellers, BarTax is perfectly placed to help. If you currently do not have an in-house accounts package, we can get a computerised system up and running within 4 weeks. This includes installation, in-house training delivered by a qualified teacher and on-going support.


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