Our Pricing Structure

Our Pricing Structure

At BarTax, we always strive to deliver outstanding value for money. And in today’s current economic climate, we’ve worked harder than ever to keep to our pledge of combining a high quality, value-led service with affordable fees.


How our prices are calculated


At BarTax, we calculate our charges on an hourly rate basis. This rate is all inclusive and covers all our costs such as stationery, postage, etc.


For clients who use us on a regular monthly basis, we very quickly establish our ‘core’ monthly time commitment to carry out the tasks we have agreed to undertake. This enables Chambers to budget for our costs.


Upgrade your accounts function and save money


Our clients tell us that our charges compare very favourably with trying to recruit the same skill-set internally.


When you also take into account the additional overhead costs associated with employing a skilled bookkeeper, such as holiday, sickness, office space, etc., then using BarTax to fulfil this function is almost always a more cost effective option.


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