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Choosing the right accountant is an important decision. Because BarTax specialises in the provision of a first class accounts service, specifically tailored to the needs of barristers, you will find that we instinctively understand what you need and when you need it.

When it comes to looking after your money, BarTax has your best interests at heart. In fact, more barristers choose us , and with good reason. They’re attracted to our all inclusive fees, great savings and enjoy the benefits of the smart systems we use to keep them in control of their finances.

Making your life easier

Unlike other accountancy services for barristers, we only provide one level of service – the one that’s tailored to your exact requirements. At BarTax, we don’t cut costs by asking our barristers to do half the work for us. So you’ll never be asked to fill in spreadsheets or get to grips with accountancy software.

And because we never take your business for granted, we’re always evaluating what we do and how we do it to offer you a value-rich service designed to make your life easier.

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All phone consultations are FREE. To find out what BarTax barristers accounts service can do for you, call our New Business Advisors on 01625 268482 or send us an email.

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